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WAIT, What you say about me?!
by AmaviSalon on 

There is power in words. Once it leaves your thoughts and passes your lips it takes on its own identity and carries an energy that you deliver. Use your power to help encourage and strengthen. Better yet, use your power to B E A U T I F Y. Let's talk style. Get paid to talk and let US put money where your mouth is! Refer 3 clients in 3 months and get 30% OFF our award winning signature styles!

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Meshing Fashion with PR
by AmaviSalon on 

Meshing Fashion with PR

Many people do not know there are connections between PR and Fashion. Did you ever  wonder how Gucci and Fendi are featured in Harpars Baazar and Vogue. It is not the work of the designer. Designers hire fashion publicist to land those big print spreads in the most famous magazines.  A fashion publicist is responsible for building relationships with the press, fashion editors, writers and journalist about their clients product. They send free pieces to these new connections in hopes they will write and photograph them creating exposure for their designer clients. Their job is to maintain a positive image for their clients brand. The designer is the beauty and the publicist is the brains.

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The Hair is the Richest Ornament of Women
by AmaviSalon on 

Real. Weaved. Natural. Relaxed. Straightened chemically or thermally. Waved permanently or temporarily. Hair is amazing and impressive

Regardless if we are chasing a celebrities look or have our own thing going on with confidence, the hair is influential to who you are.

As complicated as it takes to form its thread-like structure. Hair...often seems to go unnoticed, but never forgotten. It creates the overall image of a person. Their whole appeal. No matter how many times we overlook it or neglect it, somehow we are reminded of its presence.  It exposes stature, opinions and even health. People may look at your hair to complete the puzzle about who you are.

There was a time when society looked at your hair's color and style to dictate your value and worth. Much like today. We are creatures of change. Our value is still surmised at first glance, due to our appearance.

Of course we currently size people up based on their hair. We even determine if its someone we want to associate with. If they get it done too often, they are pretentious, have money or wasteful. If they don't often enough, they lack love for themselves, having financial issues or something is wrong with them.

Face it when your hair is not done you do look like you have seen better days.

You can be totally put together, but without the completion of your hair, you're just not right. There's a feeling of being unfinished. I have known clients to cancel events, even the ones they plan, because they were unable to get a hair appointment.

Simply done or fussed over; "the hair" its the ornament of favor. It matters not how many or how expensive the accessories you have on are, nothing compares to the beauty of a well styled hair do that complements you, your features and your look. ....priceless....its simply priceless!

It is still interesting to me when you think no one is paying attention, you do something different from the norm and "who" gives you a compliment. Ones that you didn't even knew cared, like your boss or random men or your small boy child. I always hear my clients say they get it from kids and men, especially older men from another race.

Well,I personally dare you to explore different options with your ornament. And just like we decorate a tree, by taking our time and using the best to make it the prettiest, let us also do it with our hair. Take a few minutes or hours and show off. Express your creativity and explore new horizons with your looks. After all hair is the richest ornament a woman possess.

Now as a woman, I'm not saying we don't have other beautiful and/more meaningful attributes, I'm simply stating that it is the most exposed natural decoration we own. There are no layers to peel back or undress to reveal its shame or flaws. It its indeed left out for scrutiny and its exposure can tell our innermost secrets, ideology or
Even if we choose to cover it, that very thing is left up to talk. Does she have hair? Why she wore that hat with that outfit? Eww, look at her edges, she gonna need a bigger hat. It goes on and on.

The real wealth of this; is knowledge. Beyond the amount of money we put into or hair for styling, maintenance, and adornments, it is powerful to know that our hair is our crown and glory and that we exercise the right to flaunt it like no one else can. The expense isn't monetary, it comes at the cost of our self worth and value. We don't shutter behind the thought of what might be said, but give them something to talk about.

So we cleverly shine up our ornament and twist and color and comb this way and that way and pin and express to the world... "Oh, I know you're watching."

What and who can stand in the way  of you feeling and looking good? It will cause you to react to the attention and put forth confidence and let your exquisiteness show. You have a new pep in your step. A new attitude. Your head is higher. Your mood its lightened. You radiate love.

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