About Us

You may ask, "Why should I visit Amavi Salon" . . . . .please allow me to give you a few reasons other than our exceptional talent.

Amavi Salon is a soulful expression of a salon experience solely focused on fortifying hair to it's optimum level of wellness, integrity, and beauty. We have adopted a technique of hair design we refer to as fortetherapy. Forte'therapy is a holistic approach implemented in our products and tools. Its a part of the way we shampoo, condition, color, relax, blow-dry, curl, and even cut hair.


Our entire extensive lines of products are plant and botanical based. Our ionic color lock color systems are amonia free and formulated without PPDs which is a harsh petroleum based aniline dye that can cause allergic reactions, breakage and weak hair. Our color is infused with ceramide silk proteins, aloe vera, avocado oil  and anti-oxidants which fortifies the cuticle and leaves hair with a healthy brilliant color and an impeccable glossy finish.


The utmost concern during the relaxer process is preserving the fiber integrity of the hair and delivering straight results and maximizing the jealth, strength and elasticity of the hair. All our relaxer services include a complimentary pre and post treatment. The relaxer brand we use is 96% derived from natural ingredients. We also over an exclusive keratIn relaxer which offers a superior combination of pro-keratin, argan oil and coconut oil that smoothes and straightens hair. Its blend of amino acids and wheat protein binds to damaged hair and replenshes its natural sourch of strength.


As a customer of Amavi Salon your style session begins with a hair bath of forte'therapy shampoos that cleanses hair with the nourishing compoents of soy milk, oatmeal, aloe, bamboo, keritan, omega 3, and lycopene.  Customized treatment schedules are offered to every client for every hair type and every hair condition. We have zinc treatments and specialized scalp rinses to treat flaking, dandruff and dermatitis. We have follicle booster treatments for premature and advance thinning hair to promote fullness and scalp exfoliation to stimulate natural hair growth. Hydration Treatments for moisturizing dry, stressed hair, Fortifying Pre-Shampoo Therapy Treatments for extremely dry, damaged, and or colored/relaxed hair. This is a luxurios cream oil emulsion that deeply infuses hair with maximum levels of moisture and nourishments necessary for improved health, texture, condition, and growth. Pro Solutionist Restructuring Treatments rebuild and repair hair fibers to improve strength, reduce breakage, restore moisture balance, elasticity. Cuticles are instantly sealed, smoothed, and tightened leaving hair 42% stronger after a single application.


We are committed to excellence in quality hair care. The best in natural, organic and premium products and equipment. From our silk combs to natural bristled brushes, ceramic and tormaline adjustable temperature blow-dryers and thermal styling tools, to our first class rated sharpened shears, to our alcohol free aerosol hair sprays, natural oils,silk and styling aids everything we use at Amavi Salon is specific and especially designed to fortify and maintain the best hair a person can ever wish to call thier own.